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Hola! Unblocker 1.2.107

Hola! Unblocker 1.2.107 Free Download

free download

The extension that helps you to avoid censorship


Hola! Unblocker is a Chrome extension which allows you to open or unblock websites easily, avoiding any kind of Internet control. It changes your IP address, which is established in a physical location/country, into other different one. In that way, you can have free access to content which is forbidden in your country, or which has any kind of geographical restriction.

It connects you through a proxy server, so in that way it could be considered as a VPN client. This process makes it appear in a different ISP from yours. Although it could be considered as something complicated, one of its strongest points is its simplicity. You can use it even if you are not an expert in technology, given that the only task you have to do is to choose the country you want to connect to, click on it, and that’s it!

You can have free access to content which is forbidden in your country or which has any kind of geographical restriction.

Hola! Unblocker keeps your privacy protected. It means that, with this Chrome extension, the possibilities of being spied upon are much less than with the usual connections, and at the same time you can unblock any webpage easily. That’s possible thanks to your connection through a secured proxy server. When you download it, you will be able to open any site and be protected against spyware.

Avoid any kinf of geographical restriction
Avoid any kinf of geographical restriction

Eliminate any Internet censorship

Hola! Unblocker can also be used to get access to websites which are not available for any geographical reason. If this problem persists, and you still don’t have access even using this program, there are other possible solutions. You can use it with other user scripts, which you are able to download and create combinations. They will include more countries in your list, and they will open even more websites.

On the other hand, these last options are not as simple as they sounds, and are destined exclusively for advanced programmers. But it could be really useful for viewing streaming clips, especially in those webpages that have a restricted subscription services, such as Netflix or the well-known Hulu.

Hola! Unblocker 1.2.107 Features

Hola! Unblocker includes several features detailed below:

  • Appear as if you were connected in another country thanks to the VPN service
  • Unblock and open any webpage and avoid any kind of restrictions
  • It offers you the chance to include new scripts, which is quite interesting, especially for advanced users
  • Improved security protection decreasing spyware threats
  • Possibility of using geographically blocked services such as streaming video webpages

If you want to read more information about Hola! Unblocker, feel free to do it at the developer’s website by clicking here

System requirements

If you want to download Hola! Unblocker, we recommend you read its system requirements first:

  • OS: Windows XP or better
  • CPU: 233 MHz or faster
  • Hard Disk Space: 1MB


Hola! Unblocker is an interesting Chrome extension which helps you avoid geographical restrictions, and it lets you open any webpage. It is very easy to use, so you don’t need any kind of previous technological knowledge. However, if you want to take full advantage of it, this extension includes advanced features to satisfy your needs.

free download